Yoda, Not A Writer Is

It is always best to write your lyrics in conversational style.  Unless the lyric flows like normal dialog, it can be cumbersome to sing and often difficult for the listener to understand.  As a songwriter, you want your lyric to be easily singable, and therefore it must flow naturally.

This doesn’t mean you can’t or shouldn’t be poetic.  But don’t confuse “poetic” with “backwards phrasing”.  As Yoda once said, ““Named must your fear be before banish it you can.”   Please don’t write this way.  Today, we’re naming and banishing “Yoda speak” from our lyrics!   Write, “I love you.”, not “Love you, I”.  You laugh, but I’ve see it … too many times.  Honestly, one of the most common errors that I’ve seen amateur songwriters make is to write their lyrics in awkward, backward phrasing and call it (or defend it as), creative.  This is a dead give-away that the lyricist is an amateur and has not studied or practiced proven poetic devices.

We do find that some of our favorite hymns are worded in a backwards sort of way.  But the copyright dates reveal these hymns to have been composed 100, even 200, years ago!   The language of our culture changes with each and every generation, and although we may enjoy many of the old hymns today, we often don’t even understand them.

Work hard on your lyric writing skills.  Study poetic devices in other blog posts here at Songsphere, as well as other places.  Practice, practice, practice.  Write songs for today that are not a  stretch to understand and that people will love to sing.  Be deliberately creative and spend ample time crafting a quality lyric.


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