Quick Cures for Writer’s Block?

Not feeling creative?  Frustrated because you just can’t seem to come up with anything at all?   It does happen to everyone, but it doesn’t last forever.  Breathe deeply and try some of these helpful activities that might just pull you out of the slump and bring about hope and new inspiration …

1)  Spend significant time in prayer and the Word of God … and not for the purpose of writing a song.  Just spend time reading, listening and learning for the sake of being with God.  Dwell in the Word and in the presence of God.  There is nothing more inspiring and healing, period.

2)  Listen to songs by successful songwriters.  Listening to well-crafted songs can be extremely inspiring and motivating.

3)  Set aside a specific time to write each day.  Give it a shot every day.   If you do hit a wall, use that time to do number 1 or 2 above.  If creativity doesn’t begin to flow, then give it a try the next day, same time.

4)  Do some aerobic exercise – a run, a bicycle ride, rollerblading, a kick boxing class …  Exercise has been touted to do everything from treat depression to improve memory.  Endorphins released in the brain during exercise can start the creative juices flowing.  In the case of writer’s block, try listening to great songs WHILE you exercise and see if things don’t begin to change.


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