Iron Sharpens Iron

I live in a city that is known as the “songwriting capital of the world”. And if I ventured a guess based on my experience working with professional songwriters, I’d say that more than half the songs written in this town are a collaboration between 2 or more writers. Maybe even 2/3 of the songs. These folks have found it to be very beneficial to their songwriting career to write together.

Although co-writing is certainly the preferred method in most mainstream music, I believe it is possibly more important … and more powerful … to cowrite in Christian music than in other genres. Why? A) Because it brings accountability into the equation, with regard to your lyric.; B) Where two or more are gathered in His name, the Lord is there also (Matt 18:20); and C) We are the body of Christ, which means the hand needs the foot, and so forth. You’re more effective together.

The Lord sent out his disciples two by two for these same reasons. If you consider your songwriting a ministry, I want to encourage you to consider writing with partners.


One comment on “Co-Writing

  1. I would also add that co-writing with another writer whose skills offset your own is an invaluable collaborative tool. If your strength is lyric writing, try and find someone who is great with melody. And vice versa. Even songwriters that are strong in both lyric and melody still find they work well with someone who is more gifted in one area or another.

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