Rewrite Your Songs

Regardless of what level writer you may be, it is a wise practice to put your “completed” song away for a few days before you declare it finished.  Come back to your song with a fresh mind and give it an objective review.  Don’t be afraid to toss out a line, or word, or rhyme if it’s not truly serving the song well.  Delete the lyrics that are trite, needless or mediocre.  Start over where you need to.  Make every word count for more than simply filling up space!

Don’t treat your first draft like it’s gold.  Be open to making changes, even months after the fact.  The key is that to see the possibilities for improvement, sometimes you need a fresh perspective.

Note: The Grammy Award winning song, Change The World was written years before its commercial release by one songwriter.  The song sat in our publishing catalog as a mediocre demo, somewhat unfinished.  It was only when the writer came back to the song years later and brought in a couple of songwriter friends to rewrite it with him, that the song became a world-wide hit, recorded by Eric Clapton.


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