Simile in Songwriting

We’ve been talking about the different figures of speech in our last few posts and how figurative language can be helpful in writing expressive and creative lyrics.

A simile is the most direct form of metaphoric thought.  It is a figure of speech that indirectly compares two different things by employing the words “like”, “as”, or “than”.

Even though similes and metaphors are both forms of comparison, similes indirectly compare the two ideas and allow them to remain distinct in spite of their similarities, whereas metaphors compare two things directly. For instance, a simile that compares a person with a bullet would go as follows: “Chris was a record-setting runner and as fast as a speeding bullet.” A metaphor might read something like, “When Chris ran, he was a speeding bullet racing along the track.”

Here are a few more examples:

  • She is like a dynamo.
  • For he is like a refiner’s fire.
  • She swims like a dolphin.
  • He slithers like a snake.
  • He drinks like a fish.
  • She kicks like a mule.
  • She walks as gracefully and elegantly as a cat.
Try using simile.  It will be as easy as breathing in and breathing out.

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